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The company agreed with German company Esau & Huber in 2008 to produce non-alcoholic malt flakes, using all German machines to fully automate the milling process.

The company was founded in 1383 with the aim of producing nonalcoholic malt drinks by an agreement with Esau&Huber Co, therefore the whole brewery is automated by German appliance.


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Waste separation

Waste separation training for recycling

When it comes to waste segregation, some people think they are going through a complicated and complicated process that requires a lot of time and, of course, special skills! But removing garbage at home is a simple task that can be done many times, Soon to become a habit. Are you separating dry and wet… continue reading


Juice and its effects on health

Healthy lifestyles are no longer just a luxury word, but have become the overriding goal of most people looking after their lives and health. Healthy eating and regular physical activity, as well as avoiding activities that may be harmful to health, are ways to achieve this. In other words, what you eat and what you… continue reading

Academic visit

July 19th, Student visits of personnel children to factories

day Ceremony hoffenberg

Labor Day Ceremony (May 5)

This year, as in previous years, the World Workers’ Day was celebrated at Dangerje Aria. Performances of live music, various sports competitions, appreciation of exemplary workers, etc. were included in the program.

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